Depression, Loss, Adjustment

We all occasionally feel sad hopeless, unmotivated, sluggish and pessimistic, but when these feelings persist they require additional attention including medication and psychotherapy:

  • cognitive behavioral techniques- exploring and correcting faulty, conflicting and ambivalent thoughts, assignment to engage in new behaviors (activation therapy), and increasing overall awareness
  • Positive psychology- bedtime blessings, reframing the situation, gratitude the happiness advantage
  • Walk and talk: we are prewired to have more clarity and feel calmer in the outdoors and it is therefore easier to identify elements in your life that fuel sadness, fear and worry and demand adjustment
  • self-soothing- using the 5 senses to feel calmer and more centered
  • dialectical treatments- mindfulness, thinking of pros and cons, all-or-none thinking
  • distress tolerance- enhance resiliency
  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • assertiveness- learning to be self reliant, powerful and independent

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