About Us

Our Mission:

To provide efficient, compassionate and evidence-based psychological care in order to alleviate emotional distress and maximize human potential

Our Aim:

To alleviate symptoms and empower individuals to thrive by forming a powerful therapeutic alliance that encourages and facilitates positives change and relieves symptoms

Our Staff:

Georgia D. Andrianopoulos, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brain Fitness, Inc.

Dr Andrianopoulos is passionately committed to helping people reach their true potential. She is a scientist and avid humanitarian with the aim of bringing science to the “kitchen table” to combat life limiting self defeating and self damaging behaviors and obstacles. She has over 25 yrs of  experience of working with people struggling with anxiety and fear, sadness, relationship struggles, addiction to food or substances, attentional disorders (ADHD, Asperger’s), chronic pain including gastrointestinal problems.  Her biopsychosocial integrative approach to treatment incorporates physical factors, diet, stress, coping strategies, current life challenges and living circumstances and interpersonal relationships.

Dr Andrianopoulos received her doctorate in neurophysiological psychology and neuroscience at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Oh, where she studied the interconnections between the brain, emotion, health and disease.

As a post doctorate fellow and faculty in the department of GI surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago she focused exclusively in the role of emotions, stress and lifestyle factors on eating and body weight, and the effect of specific foods on the gastrointestinal tract.

Her scientific publications include the impact of nutrients (like milk, fish oil, calcium, iron, chlorophyll) and lifestyle patterns like exercise and stress on the immune system, health and disease.

Dr Andrianopoulos is uniquely trained in the area of health and behavior and brings expertise from the physical as well as the psychological perspective to address the unique needs of patients with emotional and physical conditions. She is using the “biopsychosocial”/ integrative approach to help people overcome and thrive in site of emotional and physical set backs.

She is also the author of Retrain your Brain Reshape your Body (McGraw Hill, 2008) which brings insight into the links between the brain, emotions, food cravings, eating and overweight.

Dr Andrianopoulos is a frequent guest on health and wellness radio and TV shows and written media, where she offers brain-based solutions to health and wellness.